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US high school girls and Negroids: horrid trend in our lovely consumer culture

Rollingwriter’s story about how WHite girls are shamed into doing things they don’t want to..

Who else here is all for protecting women? Yes!(the limpwristed leftists would say) But they have to feel bad for turning down a black man because of his race (or any other reason for that matter)?

Anyone who argues this is useless. I do mean useless in every way, really. I don’t have the patience for their insolence any longer.

If I have to explain it to you, wait 10 years and you’ll get it, mindless drone.

Fine gentlemen ready to create and preserve rationalism and purity!

Fine gentlemen ready to create and preserve rationalism and purity!


The 1960’s

60s 3

Mike Sledge, host of ReConstructions Live from over at Renegade Broadcasting will be my guest on tonight’s show.  We will be discussing the origins of the cultural and geo-politcal events, the 1960’s counter culture revolution as well as its results still found today.  Calls from people who were actually there are highly encouraged, of course!  Live @ 9PM EST

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Mike and I discussed the events that gave Geo-political and ultimately cultural cradle for the 1960’s.  New York is identified as the nexus for the Wanderer’s Empire.  The communist uprisings of the 50’s are revealed to be funded by such.  We can’t forget about the records and advertising campaigns to be spawned from this and other cosmo(Kramer)politan soon-to-be hellholes or American Metropolises.

Continuing, we touched on the policies and legacy of the Kennedy-Johnson era.

The Heirs Apparent

Siegfried will be exploring the
changes within Amerikan society
(subtle and not so subtle),
who and what caused it, and who
and what will be inheriting it.
Please call in with your own
experiences within the age-old
multikult empire
known as Uncle Sam Schlomo!



Ancestor of the Week

Unity Mitford


Battle of Bosworth Field, 1485 A.D.

Henry VII Crowned at Bosworth.

Gut, Schlecht und Boese

Doubled percentages for Golden Dawn

Der Sieg ist unser!

Jew David Digmi exposed as head of major sex trafficking network

1 in 4 Swedish Women Will Be Raped as Sexual Assaults Increase 500%


“So oder So?”

Now, if I may, address the female audience.

Please choose one of the the following images to represent the ideal man and/or perhaps a more suitable mate.

But, Siegfried!  Aren’t those choices given skewed in favor of your Weltanschauung?

Well naturally.  It is in an effort to make a point.  Are we really better off because of an Allied victory?  Has our culture, technology and sense of community strengthened since then?  Most would honestly reply ‘no’ and then give ‘the’ reason why: The Cold War stifled a united, progressive world.  Yeah, no shit.

But that silly Red/Blue world is over now!  Commence the progress and change!

Well, the government, by the fall of the Sowjet Union, had been thoroughly, and completely dominated by the Edomites.  It is completely suspect; at least to me…and has been for the greater portion of my critically thinking life!

Simple fact is that this world has been but a construct; this Red/Blue narrative that is conventional world history/human origins.  Refuse to believe in leadership in the old avenues of ‘change’ and hope that people finally wake up to this bloated, pork-avoiding spectre of indecency.

Figuring out this world will lead you to understand the lifestyles and beliefs handed to you ad nauseum are but flavors of the very same tyranny; both of the spirit and body.  Realize the inherent moral and cultural faults in each and you’ll be JUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUSSSST FINE…!….maybe.