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And now… ITS…

Due to the shutting down of Truth Militia‘s blogtalk channel, I will be broadcasting every Friday at 6pm EST on Renegade Broadcasting with a transmission entitled:


Ja! Ragnarok Now will be a dual-pronged show encapsulating what I wished to do on my original Call of the Ancestors broadcast.  That is, in the first hour of RN, I will read speeches, quotes, historical documents and summaries of bouts of the past. I will also give my commentary on the relevancy of said materials.  I will try to have a select battle and ancestor of the week each transmission.

The second hour of the show will be entitled: The Odalist Front.  Here I will read news items pertaining to Europe and Europeans worldwide.  Things that should disgust them, breed anger and loathing towards the malevolent system which has been foisted upon them.

In the works:

  • An educational video series entitled: Siegfried’s Sacred-Cow-Slaying Session.  On these I will eviscerate the disgusting sense of adoration for the true monsters of history.
  • A select catalog of my old shows from Truth Militia’s network uploaded here.  Stay tuned, Kameraden!

US high school girls and Negroids: horrid trend in our lovely consumer culture

Rollingwriter’s story about how WHite girls are shamed into doing things they don’t want to..

Who else here is all for protecting women? Yes!(the limpwristed leftists would say) But they have to feel bad for turning down a black man because of his race (or any other reason for that matter)?

Anyone who argues this is useless. I do mean useless in every way, really. I don’t have the patience for their insolence any longer.

If I have to explain it to you, wait 10 years and you’ll get it, mindless drone.

Fine gentlemen ready to create and preserve rationalism and purity!

Fine gentlemen ready to create and preserve rationalism and purity!