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Worldviews are discussed, changed and met with confrontation everywhere and experienced at all times. The trick is harboring that within a society that tolerates such and presenting it for the world to hear and gather from.

I talked on Renegade Broadcasting‘s roundtable amidst days of rather heated discussions revealing the various speakers’ worldviews.

Nights At The Roundtable 2013.01.19

The show preceding the one above in the link on Renegade was far more serious and in depth. However, I still implore you all to alight your own social realm with similar topics.  This is the time for it.

Once again I’d like to thank the listeners and hosts for their kind words and support!  Fetch’s show I appeared on was great and John and Johnathan were their usual great and passionate selves.  Be sure to catch their shows on my own network and TUT respectively.

In other news, Zan Overall, the Wise Old Man, continues to bridge the generational and religious gaps inherent in world intelligentsia.  Be sure to catch his videos here! Zan is a man who has appeared on radio shows like Truth Hertz and John Friend’s show.