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US high school girls and Negroids: horrid trend in our lovely consumer culture

Rollingwriter’s story about how WHite girls are shamed into doing things they don’t want to..

Who else here is all for protecting women? Yes!(the limpwristed leftists would say) But they have to feel bad for turning down a black man because of his race (or any other reason for that matter)?

Anyone who argues this is useless. I do mean useless in every way, really. I don’t have the patience for their insolence any longer.

If I have to explain it to you, wait 10 years and you’ll get it, mindless drone.

Fine gentlemen ready to create and preserve rationalism and purity!

Fine gentlemen ready to create and preserve rationalism and purity!



Worldviews are discussed, changed and met with confrontation everywhere and experienced at all times. The trick is harboring that within a society that tolerates such and presenting it for the world to hear and gather from.

I talked on Renegade Broadcasting‘s roundtable amidst days of rather heated discussions revealing the various speakers’ worldviews.

Nights At The Roundtable 2013.01.19

The show preceding the one above in the link on Renegade was far more serious and in depth. However, I still implore you all to alight your own social realm with similar topics.  This is the time for it.

Once again I’d like to thank the listeners and hosts for their kind words and support!  Fetch’s show I appeared on was great and John and Johnathan were their usual great and passionate selves.  Be sure to catch their shows on my own network and TUT respectively.

In other news, Zan Overall, the Wise Old Man, continues to bridge the generational and religious gaps inherent in world intelligentsia.  Be sure to catch his videos here! Zan is a man who has appeared on radio shows like Truth Hertz and John Friend’s show.


wehin past

Julaftonen (1904)- by Carl Larrsson

The operation of the parasites seems to be that when wallowing within a being, this physical rival rids first the conceivably intangible, ancestrally and culturally rooted unions of said being. Be that being one’s own specific ethnicity or overlying cultural heritage. It is prudent to the parasite to muster forth all available resources in their direct control to corrupt these beings that make up a civilization. In doing so, the parasite reveals its true colors by its own action!; And to those attuned and wise to cultural changes and are completely aware of the trends of days past still at work today recognize the parasitic aims, goals, plans and schemes. Thus, those with the knowledge, willpower and courage to make a stand in any way, big or small, against such cultural degradation are marked by a parasite as the enemy on the frontlines.

In these United States, where the question of race was codified little and toyed with at times within both the legal system and the media to be on a cultural and ideal level beneath the dilapidated notion of the “American Dream.” Above all the courts, the TV studios and laughable rallies of these mere pawns of the current mainstream parties, the truth of nature and nation lies at the bottom of the focus and initiative. The truth of nature and its current status lays at the bottom of the press’ coverage, so, the people give nature the least of their attention. This apathy bleeds over into their thoughts and behavior. The way the modern and mainstream white person in the USA behaves is in direct opposition to the cultural ideals of the people who founded the country in the first place. In other words; these so called whites have little to do with the personalities, worldviews and lifestyles of their fore bearers, and would be seen by them in some extreme cases as wholly degenerate. They act in a non-white ways and salute to non-white principles; being a white and not withholding age-old racial and cultural expectations of such an anthropological distinction are indeed unnatural beings.

Yes, there is indeed a war on Christmas in this American dominated 21st century. Is it not evidence enough that the White House displays prominently the Menorah upon its lawn and goes to lengths to shelter the Germanic Yule Tree?

Is it not enough that the mainstream expressions of the Christian religion go to astronomical lengths to prop up the efforts of the Yiddish occupation of old Palestine? For many within this country, those things are irrelevant. Not only are they irrelevant, but also such that impede on their continued comfortable existence. Ignorance is bliss; and to float by in life not making the obvious connections between the personnel that affect the presidency and the personnel controlling the media, and the personnel having hegemonic position in high finance and banking, one can carve out indeed a quite solace-filled time on this earth.

The mere concept of Christmas and basic Christian values is encapsulated with the actions of the ground troops of Greece’s Golden Dawn Party. Recently, the party came under political fire by the mayor of the town of Piraeus.

Yucky nationalists doing evil stuff! (click to learn more about the “madness”)

Golden Dawn party members “illegally” occupied a square in the port city of Piraeus to distribute food and other supplies to Greeks. Naturally, the political regime in Greece attacked them with a ridiculous lawsuit from the Piraeus mayor; simply for disobeying a police request to disperse from the square where they were handing out food. These Golden Dawn activists were peaceful and cleaned up the place at the end of the day.

The Mayor, Vassilis Michaloliakos, made the following statement:
“Some people will have to understand that in Piraeus there is Law and Order. Nobody and with no excuse can illegally occupy areas that belong to the Municipality. Public areas can be granted to people if they ask for them, under the circumstances the Municipal Boarddefines. The social politic of the Municipality of Piraeus is practiced with consistency,based on the decisionof the municipal authority that every citizen that lives in Piraeus , no matter his color, race, religion and nationality, must have a plate to eat and a bed to sleep in. If the parties want to practice social politics they can do it their own places or places the Municipality grants. Certainly not in areas they illegally occupy. The occupation of the Theater’s forecourt is offensive , extreme and illegal, and will not be tolerated. It is clear that the Law will prevail against all those that have the audacity to break it. Under my personal orders, our Vice Mayor has already filed a suit.”

It is common for the parasite to attack a movement or idea whose time has come with the most idiotic of methods. Using the means it has usurped and stolen from the original creators of said means; the parasite never ceases to quell these uppity slaves. These slaves who many up until now have remained complacent as to the outright destruction of their Fatherland both physically and culturally, and are now taking real action in places like Greece. This scares the parasites when their target begins to actually flesh out the very real ideals supposedly held for this ancient celebration of the Winter Solstice.

The technique of these parasitic sons of Cain leaves every sort of offense to possibility. Their hatred of Christian people and their civilization is displayed prominently throughout Western history. Must I now go over the contentions, stunts and aims of people like Karl Marx or documents like The PROTOCOLS OF THE LEARNED ELDERS OF ZION? NO; that is something left to the individual. For it is best to understand the truth of this world by way of individual research. For now, trust in me that the real Jews, throughout history, had and still have nothing but contempt for the White Christian nations of earth. They hate their socio-cultural progress, honorable traditions, and beautiful people. Is it best then to clamp down on these age-old truths when the reigns of power are finally at their behest? When thinking in the long-run and in the most diabolical of mindsets; the conquering of a massive group of nations and its civilization starts indeed with the taking over of its cultural institutions.

Of course they want Christmas still around today. They make profit and wield power off of the decorations, films, cartoons, and all the consumer products advertised in the aforementioned. Holiday industry is not a mere joke. It is also indeed not merely about money. Controlling the expression of and supposed meaning of such ancient holidays can grant the controller a power unheard of until the advent of this, our digital information age. The TV will never air a show with the real facts on the origin of the Christmas holiday; but if it does, it’s on the network that caters straight to the Goyim already comfortable with attacking and/or exposing Christianity. The Jew knows their market; and not only knows the best way to market a product or idea but has today all the means in the world to push it.

A real Christian would go out of their way for the poor and working class people. A real Christian would be aggressively against these wars for the completely unholy state of Israel. A real christian would recognize the true enemy of all free peoples not as the Koran worshipers but that group who have been toying with their psyche since infancy.

They’ve invested far too much, these Jews. They have all at stake; they have everything to lose. We, however, have everything to gain from resisting their program at every step. So, in being a genuine white man or white woman, unabashed by the dictum of this horrid Marxist age in which we live in, count yourself as among some of the best of our race. Don’t stop your ways for any sort of Jewish influence; it will lead you nowhere but failure. We will win this if only we prescribe to the tenacity, might and moral high ground to which just being classed as a non-Jew may very well grant you! It doesn’t matter if you believe in and worship Allah, Zeus, Rudra, Lao Tzu or Wotan, or perhaps no deity at all, just remember these 3 German words that reverberated throughout the better part of the Third Reich’s WW2 generation: