About Siegfried


Jesse AKA Siegfried playing the violin at a bar on Long Island’s beautiful north shore.

Age: 22

Occupation: former-student cashier prole/bard/Skald

Things aspired to be known as when I’m an ancestor: social critic, pagan prophet, warrior poet, sacred cow slayer

Political stances: pro-eugenics, anti-communist, anti-Masonic, anti-Hollywood, pro-white worker, pro-immigration reform, pro-early 1770’s style Long Island, European Freedom First/Whites Will Win!

Skills and interests: conjecture, playing/writing/performing music, poetry, history, culture, essays, geography, classical art, classical music, and white girls.

They say Geminis are two-faced.  But if a cozy socio-cultural existence is paramount to your desires in a 21st century suburbanite American setting, then it is by two modes they shall see you either way. So what the hey, commence the name-calling, plastic Zeitgeist clowns!

I took the name Siegfried when I decided to host the live Dienstag show on Truth Militia‘s then functioning blogtalk station.  I have always innately identified strongest with my majority amount of Teutonic blood.

Being the son of European immigrant-born baby boomers in the sordid 1990′s, I learned well to never question the sacred cows of old (and new) supplied to me every which way.

I could scarcely remember a time of profound religious observance. One wake up call was the book itself, the other the command  that I was to eat sweaty bread dipped in grape juice bought at the local grocery store with a forced Kosher tax on it in order to go to heaven.

One thing I was steadily more aware of: Hollywood was pure cancer. Due to the weakling-creating programming of which I admittedly indulged in by the ton, I gazed upon with increasing skepticism and hatred due to my evolving worldview.

It is clear to me now that throughout the ages, civilizations worked best functioning as a united named group of people with a dutifully guarded unique culture; enraptured at the mere idea that they live on this earth right now and can mold themselves at will.

This is should be the main focus of all European peoples, but alas, it remains not.  That is why I continue to do shows; if only to inspire the young to look back at their people’s history with ethnic and spiritual jubilation.

ACHTUNG: Communists and others that hide in the darkness of political apathy; BEWARE.

ACHTUNG: Communists and others that dwell in the darkness of political apathy; BEWARE.


It’s not easy having long hair.

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