The 1960’s

60s 3

Mike Sledge, host of ReConstructions Live from over at Renegade Broadcasting will be my guest on tonight’s show.  We will be discussing the origins of the cultural and geo-politcal events, the 1960’s counter culture revolution as well as its results still found today.  Calls from people who were actually there are highly encouraged, of course!  Live @ 9PM EST

****SHOW LINK****

Mike and I discussed the events that gave Geo-political and ultimately cultural cradle for the 1960’s.  New York is identified as the nexus for the Wanderer’s Empire.  The communist uprisings of the 50’s are revealed to be funded by such.  We can’t forget about the records and advertising campaigns to be spawned from this and other cosmo(Kramer)politan soon-to-be hellholes or American Metropolises.

Continuing, we touched on the policies and legacy of the Kennedy-Johnson era.


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