Hitler’s Declaration of War Against Stalin in 1941 – Who Was the Real Villain?

Let’s never cease the attack on this idiotic narrative of German ultra-aggressiveness and contempt for the rest of Europa! Vielen dank and Prosit to JusticeForGermans!

Justice for Germans

StalinThe following 88 page booklet published by the government of the Third Reich contains Adolf Hitler’s speech to the German people concerning his decision to declare war against the Soviet Union, and the official diplomatic message sent to the Soviets, outlining in great detail their crimes and plots against Germany, which violated the terms of the mutual Non-Aggression Pact.  These violations are documented and a number of secret intelligence reports provided to Hitler which formed the basis of his decision to declare war on Stalin are also included in this must read booklet.

This document show clearly the true, legal basis concerning the war against the USSR in 1941, which support and justify the actions of Adolf Hitler, who had obviously been deceived and betrayed by the  treacherous, double-dealing war monger Stalin.  Hitler adopted the only attitude and course of action which a responsible German leader and representative of European culture and civilization could take.


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