Choices of the Few (über) The Needs of the Nation


Created equal, Under AlexZOG Jones, with Dan Dicks and Sociology degrees for all!


2 thoughts on “Choices of the Few (über) The Needs of the Nation

  1. Pat


    I’ve heard your commentary several times are can tell you’re very bright.

    Please explain why you would praise totally unworkable and retarded strategies such as those being promulgated by Keith at Troof Militia?

    Keith and other diarrhea-drinkers such as the Lebanese homo Mark Glen are trying to get people to further embrace the Jewish Multi-Kult by encouraging us to “unite with” mud people – ostensibly against the Jew. Right?

    Well, how about taking that dumb idea and put it into practice by first going to the Mexicans and get them to help you kick the illegals out?

    How do you think you will be received? Do you think you might get stabbed or shot?

    Do you like giving groups of Mexishits head? Maybe Keith does…

    While you’re at it – how about you take Keith’s retarded ideas to the niggers and get them to stop acting like niggers? Maybe you can as Keith’s “nigger friends” to stop accepting Jew-Handouts and jobs they don’t qualify for? How do you think you’ll do?

    Seigfried, you’re better than they are.

    Don’t associate yourself with that shit.


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